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· One min read
Chris Tacey-Green

So I disappeared from blogging for...a year and a half.

I apologise. I was focusing my energy on a very important deployment - my daughter! And if I'm honest, on balance, my daughter probably wins out in importance versus this blog.

But my daughter is now an incredibly cute, happy and genuinely funny 1 year old. I reckon we're at a point where I can find spare minutes in my day to get back into blogging. This isn't just a random thought though, I have plans! I'm currently working on a series of posts, alongside an epic human, on a topic I find extremely interesting. We also happen to believe it's vitally important given the direction the industry is heading.

So not only will I be back, but I'll be back with some regular posts! It's an Easter miracle.

OK, that's all. See you very soon...