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Chris Tacey-Green

I figured the first post couldn't be a heavy technical braindump. That would be rude.

Instead, here's a much more bite-size and welcoming 'Welcome' post, to break the blog in. Since I'm British, this is where I'd naturally talk about the weather to break the ice. So.. it's the middle of Summer in the UK, and therefore has been wet, windy and grey today.


With that out of the way, here's a quick summary of what topics to expect from the first bunch of posts:

  • Approaching deployment in Azure Devops
  • Monitoring in Azure
  • Alerting in Azure
  • Logging in Azure (Functions and App Service)
  • Securing an application in Azure App Service
  • Azure integration technologies
  • Why services in Azure want to be event-driven
  • Building an event-driven solution in Azure
  • Things you'll need in your Azure Function code
  • Why templates are your friend
  • Integration in a Hybrid cloud model

Very Azure-heavy, I realise. But those who have poked me to create this blog are hoping for some Azure guidance, so this is where I'll start my journey into blogging.

I better get writing my first post then...